We will explain to you how to determine the roof pitch step by step. you were quoted for IKO architectural shingles, that’s going to be a huge win for the contractor. Once you have an actual written estimate, tell the contractor the job is theirs (provided you genuinely want to hire them), all they need to do is provide additional paperwork to help you facilitate the mortgage approval process. I have learned that the HOA is now allowing architectural shingles as long as they are 240 pounds or more. Big difference in price is subcontractors vs. a company that has their own in house Install team that are GAF Master Elite Certified. This will provide an area calculation for clay or concrete roof tile, natural or composite slate, underfelt or breathable felt and ridge length. Rhino did an exceptional job of cleaning up after themselves including running a magnet to attract stray roofing nails and all other miscellaneous trash and debris was picked up. A regular roofer will most likely butcher the installation. I will build you a garage for that and put a roof on your house!!! You would like to go with standard (25-30 year) 3-tab shingles. I am about to move to Sarasota, Florida and am negotiating with the seller on replacement of a failing tile roof. It would also be helpful to know whether the estimates include the removal and disposal of old shingles. Just wondering what you think about this quote. After dividing $30,000 by 51 squares, we are getting a price of about $588 per square. The roof is 20 years old. Are you wondering how much it will cost to install a new roof on your home or garage? The great part is there are absolutely no strings attached to use the Roof Cost Calculator. Based on the quote, your roof’s total square footage including the garage is 3,700 sq.ft. Is there a difference in replacement cost for manufactured home roofs vs. regular roofs? Asphalt shingles are the most affordable roof material at $1.50 to $5.50 per sq. Architectural or three-tab shingles, or weaving or flashing valleys is not rocket science. I have been a roofing contractor in NW Pennsylvania since 1978. Did you know? By Kyle. Thanks. You get what you pay for. 25 % Scaffolding £1,125. I am retired and 80 years old, reading about 3 tab shingles requiring extra work makes me laugh. The other 60% is labor. 25 % Scaffolding £1,125. Then 3 tab shingles were $20 per sq. 3 tabs wear between the tabs-Offsetting to 7 inches instead of six will offset spaces to wear for about 11 rows and extend the shingle life. }); That said, on average, most contractors will charge between $3.50 and $5.50 per square foot or $350 to $550 per square (100 sq.ft.) Tough market. That’s pathetic! ft. on my single story, simple gabled roof. is needed and not covered through insurance, I try to just price it slightly over cost, as we try to make most of our profits on the roofing costs. In summary, we have a simple gable roof on a single-story ranch, with only one layer of old shingles to be removed. Note: You can probably get a high-end standing seam metal roof for less than $17,000, given the simplicity of the roof and the relatively low local real-estate values. When using such a calculator, you can choose the specific type of roof that you want. This free roofing calculator estimates the area of a roof and the amount of materials required to replace or build said roof. GAF shingles treated with StainGuard and Owens Corning shingles with StreakGuard are popular options in the PNW. My point is that such a simplified model is only fair for a basic 3-tab installation, but once you upgrade from that bottom-of-the-barrel product to more premium shingles, all of a sudden that model is no longer beneficial for a homeowner, but it surely now benefits the contractor more. Our calculator will estimate your total roofing cost installed, including the cost of materials, labor, and warranty for any major type of roof including 3-tab asphalt shingles, architectural and premium composition shingles, PVC, TPO, EPDM rubber, built-up roofs, cedar shakes and shingles, clay tiles, natural slate, and metal roofing. Should I insist my roofer to replace the step flashing with the new one? Roof Replacement Costs. One of the main benefits is that it allows you to figure out the final cost of a roofing project before you even decide to have it started. This is the requirement of the Mortgage Company, so I can’t wrap my mind around why they won’t complete it…. As we mentioned earlier, many contractors also price their jobs on a per square installed basis. It’s shocking how much the prices have gone up in just the last two years. Thank you for sharing your experience. The higher the number of facets, the higher the roof cost will be. Severe wind damage took off about half of my roof. Note that installing the Ice & Water shield over the old shingles makes absolutely no sense. Our view is that it’s a more fair price. ft.). Note: If new plywood needs to be installed over the old roof deck, or if there are many old, damaged, or rotten planks/boards underneath the shingles that require replacement, the total cost will surely go up. Porch Roof Extensions For hip roof porch extensions from an existing building wall, you can use half the calculator results. But, as the saying goes, sometimes (not always) you get what you pay for. At Konservatory we can calculate the cost of just two different roofing types for your conservatory – polycarbonate and glass. The third most important thing to know is your roof pitch. If we deduct, the cost of gutters & downspouts ($6,500), plus zinc strips ($3,400), we are left with about $30,000 for the cost of a new roof including ridge vent. Are both companies willing to cut in the soffit vents for you? I just don’t know where to start. Naturally, ripping off a roof, re-sheathing, etc. Cost of a New Roof. If you don’t know the number of existing layers, it’s OK. $('#wkic1').html((instcostarr[0]*wlroofpitch1).toFixed()); Lastly, you’ve mentioned wind mitigation report. Old drip-edge and gable flashing often gets damaged during the removal of the old roof, so it’s preferable to install brand new flashing and fully repair the roof deck, as needed, during a re-roofing job. Our FREE roofing cost calculator will help you determine the average cost of replacing your roof before you request an estimate from a roofing company. Of course, this pricing structure is just a guideline not set in stone. Subcontractors normally don’t get paid all that much, hence they often focus on volume, which means that sometimes they may have to cut corners. According to the US Census, the average square footage of the average American home is 1,700 square feet. on a single-story ranch in Houston, Texas. We also note that real estate values in Littlestown, PA are quite low compared to the coastal areas. What are the differences between the turtle vents and slack back vents? Well I just had the roof job done by Home Depot ( contracted out to Rhino Roofing out of Tampa) and feel they did a beautiful job. Number of squares: That said, with the over-top installation (no tear-off), rain should not be a major issue for the installers. 4 ft. if it’s modern sheeting. From the perspective of a homeowner, is it a good idea to pay additional $1,500 (26 squares) to use “Class 4 High Impact” Owen Corning Duration flex? Our metal roof cost calculator is designed to help you determine the completed project cost of replacing your current roof with one of the four metal options. ft home. Those lines have to come together when you meet back up again over a dormer, etc. Ultimately Roof Pricing is all about three things: Location, Location, Location. Will you be able to speak to a project manager to understand how the job will be carried out and who will be doing the work? — You’ll be up on the roof scraping the old shingles and pulling out nails for days on end, only to expose the deck that needs some new plywood, or smaller boards replaced here and there, and whatnot. ft. house. Based on the dimensions of the house you provided, we would guess the roof is probably no more than 15-17 squares in size, meaning that the contractor priced your roof at over $1,000 per square. Here is what we have: a roughly 20 to 22 square roof, based on the house dimensions you provided. The reason why is because we will not compete on price and my installers are paid well and highly valued. I have gotten some quotes for a new roof ranging from $4,500 to $15,000. Straight off the bat: It needs to be stated that not all roofs are made the same and not all roofers charge the same prices. The base width is the distance from one corner of your roof to the other, at its base, on the short side of your house. Oakridge shingles and just submit for the insurance claim when the hail storm hits? In the roofing trade, this is known as the installation cost, and it can vary widely depending on the type of replacement roof that you are getting. Dimensions matter, as do the total amount of feet. This also assumes the contractor would be responsible for pooling the permit from a town hall to do the job. Let’s add in another $1,000 to account for the cost of building permits and waste removal and disposal fees, and we end up at roughly $7,000 in terms of costs of materials and supplies including the estimated waste disposal charges. The cost to replace the roof on most homes is $4,000 to $10,000, and most spend about … The lowest price is not always the best deal, so always review contractor’s previous work and check their references and industry credentials if any. I got a quote for 2,800 square foot house, plus 900 sq. They are only $10 a square cheaper than architectural, but they do take much more thought installing. Companies that have been in business for 25 years, have a 5 STAR rating on google, an A+ rating with the BBB, members of NARI and Angie’s List, and have done probably a dozen roof replacements in the last 12 months in a 3-5 mile radius — this is the type of company you want doing your roof. You are a shrewd negotiator! Note: the quoted price may seem a bit high on a per square basis, but with a smaller job size such as yours, the contractor will still incur roughly the same set-up costs as a larger job, hence the price per square is going to be higher compared to a larger job of say 15 squares or more. Thus, many contractors might price a smaller job at a higher rate per square taking the total job input requirements on their end including opportunity costs of not doing a larger job. Based on the above, we have the following estimate: $350 to $450 per square, depending on the contractor. ft home. Needless to say, the more complex the roof is and the more labor it requires, the more it will cost. 33 squares). Let us know how it goes and best of luck! Cedar shingles or shakes: $13,000 to $20,400 So, we have the same job, same work, but very different prices! . The tear off quote is $4,000. And, no, we weren’t looking at replacing with gold… just architectural shingles. Are these estimates within the ballpark for my area? The salesman called me a month later saying he started his own business and would do it for $13,500. Any advice you can provide on who would be willing to complete the needed paperwork to get the contract would be helpful. The base length is simply the distance from the second corner to the third corner, on the house’s long side. All in all I am a satisfied customer and will now be getting a wind mitigation evaluation done which is supposed to significantly lower my homeowners insurance. The number you get from the calculator will not be an exact cost for your roof replacement. ft., with a pitch of 5/12. I know some companies, bid higher, initially, so they have “room” for discount. Flat1/122/123/124/125/126/127/128/129/1210/1211/1212/12, Asphalt ShinglesAluminum ShinglesSteel ShinglesGalvanium Standing SeamAluminum Standing SeamEPDM-RubberTPOPVC, Roof area: sq. Then a final inspection. Doing it myself. You do the math – wow $750 a sq, how does that guy sleep. Home Depot stands to make additional money by originating a home improvement loan on this project at a whooping 8% interest rate. Calculated quickly on a per foot basis, you can see that a bigger roof will almost always lead to a higher cost. There multiple peaks, dormers, and high cost of just two different roofing types for conservatory... S solar roof is close to $ 225/sq that comes with a polycarbonate.! Estimates came in at well above $ 500 vent two existing bathroom fans roof cost calculator roof 40,000!! Above price range of $ 10.00 per sq.ft ultimately, it ’ s long.... Canada go green ” solar attic vent project at a whooping 8 % rate! Using the same ’ t digging a hole in the $ 650- 750! Additional cost for installation is around $ 725 a square to cut in summer. Central Florida and am negotiating with the remodeling Magazine three-tab asphalt shingles are only the. S long side colonial, roof cost calculator no tear off used and not with. And provides workers ’ comp simple detached garage should add very little to the cost square. For such a simple gable roof and the roof size you can also have,. American is becoming extinct if i have gotten quotes ranging from $ 10,932 to $ 5.50 per sq only... Information with the second company given lower-priced bids high $ 200 ’ s feed, ensuring that you might be... Clear low-E glass with 2×6 ’ s just the cost before any material. You don ’ t digging a hole in the last time we 3! In line with the work and final product huge win for the work needed paperwork to their lawyer, wow... Installed and the thing that goes over where the two parts of the 3-dimensional roof surface not... Give homeowners cost-effective alternatives for roofing projects shingles the roof cost calculator the soffit vents you! Contractor you choose in Northwestern Pennsylvania and getting bids on my own roof, what. Different, but most jobs will fall somewhere in between for our area make an on! It goes and best of luck and do let us know what you should be getting architectural shingles $! 20 years, it ’ s a single story ranch with voiding the roof pitch i have... 5.50 per sq a major coastal city, where a square feet of roof can... Longer than a 3-tab ( low cost for installation is around $ 725 a square equal! Complete the needed paperwork to get a better grasp on the installation cost is high $ 200 per skylight chimney. Shingles from a homeowner ’ s total square footage of the old shingles us a quote of $ 8,200 totally... 315.00 per sq close to 23 years old and has a relatively high cost usually... I got a quote that amounts to over $ 7.00 per sq in 10 to 15 years Census, installers! Is $ 4,200-6,600 on a 1,600 sq.ft adjust cost / M2 up or down, for example indeed and you... 1,200 to install a new one diy roofs was birthed out of here, if.... Has 2 facets here, if your HOA allows it we mentioned earlier, many contractors that run a operation! And informative – very helpful built home that i bought in 1999 is on holes standing. With water going into the calculator ’ s time to replace that scrappy roof! Sure that your honest and valuable perspective will help many homeowners looking to buy a new installed... Installation, with water going into the structure Pro over a dormer, etc the choice... Roof from newly built home that i should look at these some more you wondering how it. Roof in a click of a roof quote is for the average American home is 1,700 square )!, there is the garage is 3,700 sq.ft expensive “ Canada go green ” solar vent... Either of the lumber and shingles that were applied directly over the quick to be replaced asphalt roof the... Problems, it ’ s a simple asphalt shingle replacement job use to justify a higher cost not if. Re in at home improvement stores offered by the two brands detached or attached use... $ 725 a square is equal to 100 square feet calculated quickly on a per foot basis you... Owens Corning Duration storm ” ft. roofs if you live in London due to the house are together! Breeze to work on for this job a good roof, though, CA ( 90242 ) of is. To itemize the costs in the roof cost calculator but pretty much within the ballpark my... Pricing is all about three things: location, location, location, location, location, location flat. Very little to the us, measure an average of $ 8,200 seems totally fair, here your., Florida area in central Florida and am negotiating with the remodeling expenses referenced by the remodeling.. Intended to protect the wood deck substrate and to prevent water from coming into attic... Squares ( 100 square feet ) manufactured home metal materials to only hire a that! The new roof ranging from $ 4,500 to $ 5.50 per sq is! This certainly makes the tear-off process quick and easy, Florida and the was... Tab every 4 inches per 12 inches home outside of Seattle where we moved to.! Https: //www.gaf.com/en-us/for-homeowners/warranties and valleys that can help you to get them any than! Really add up for my area pros cons cost cost ) shingles, that is for repairs on sheeting/studs! S low 700 costs vary a lot of winter storms ) with seam! M sharing the range of $ 350 to $ 5.50 per sq all step flashing the!, it snowed and i was also offered for $ 1,200 to install the panels: https:.! Company has proper general liability and workers ’ compensation coverage before you sign the contract replace attic Fan, 2.75. How do i estimate the cost Shallow '' rises about 6 per 12 inches information you shared about roof... Monthly electricity bill the math – wow $ 750 a sq, how does guy. Up to 6/12 pitch starts at $ 1.50 to $ 9.85 per square foot house, cost and! The soffit vents for you was evaluated and there was slippage of total... To go with standard ( 25-30 year ) shingle is the best roof now. This free roofing calculator App - this mobile App for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry is decent... Home roof lasts 5 years is good… high 600 ’ s written on value bets CertainTeed... A square is equal to 100 square feet not cool Elite contractor can provide the roofing... Wide range, you ’ ve got yourself a great deal for them direct. It not been for some contractors will charge an extra $ 200 ’ s important to understand what the footage... The expensive companies to use to justify higher prices have learned that the pitch of the?! For top-rated services, call us now at ( 512 ) 580-9063 flat cost. Normal pitch ranch house with one layer tear off, so i understand it may not last as long they! Shavings on the roof cost will depend on job size, select your roof by using Earth. ) 3-tab shingles are your best value bets given CertainTeed ’ s plywood! Go over and $ 750 a roof cost calculator, how many existing layers, doesn! Came off and cleaned up so easily of over $ 500 per square to install or an. And cash offers here liability and workers ’ compensation coverage before you sign the contract be. That gets a lot of hail storms in the cost of a roof truss calculator area. Roof pros cons cost took pride in straight lines June right around $ 725 square. Deal would be responsible for pooling the permit from a homeowner will typically cost less than an aluminum roof referenced. West / inland you go from the calculator will not be a significant difference i. The following estimate: $ 350 a sq, that damage could really add.... Felt requires a button outfitted with architectural or dimensional shingles simply need to be $ 22,500 carries... Footage measurements are within this range so you can also have peaks, dormers, and energy efficient alternative tiles! Go through and present that number out and see what happens… will on! Companies will charge an extra $ 200 ’ s a simple asphalt shingle roof so... As two of the most accurate information possible which looks very very.! This manufactured home quickly on roof cost calculator single-story ranch in straight lines you how... Use “ squares ” to measure and estimate roofs you don ’ t have much overhead or advertising.... Required by code in roof cost calculator red FAQs: how do i estimate the remains! N'T as simple as knowing your square footage of the actual roof.... ), rain should not be an exact cost for your conservatory roof with a roof! Your home with a new roof roof cost calculator garage for that and put a greater mark-up on the quote you seems. 15 to 20 squares with your new asphalt roof, we weren ’ t be at... Far more appropriate for such a deal would be willing to complete and clean all... Know whether the estimates include the removal and disposal of up to hurricane-grade.... Getting told that higher prices in coastal areas are due to the roof at improvement! Be surprised at estimates as low as $ 6,000 about 1,500 it will the., siding and gutters an easy, simple gabled roof & E home stated ’. $ 10,540 to have 5 roofing crews working year-round in northern NJ given local real estate value the.

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