If you’re an outdoor enthusiast like me, it truly is Almost Heaven. I will say that I was really looking forward to the spring/summer time, as there seems to be a lot of things to do outdoors in the mountains and rivers. But that's my own opinion. It has truth to it. ..... "It doesn't guarantee anyone's right to not be offended. I'm from that Ohio River area of WV and.would.be perfectly happy living there again. Virginia Beach is a great place to live – in fact, WalletHub.com listed it as the best big city to live in 2017 based on cost of living, safety and health and education options. Source: live in a rural area in West Virginia. Martinsburg, WV is about 5 or 6 hours from where i live (Sullivan County, NY). Lol. The employment picture is better in those PA/VA metros although you have somewhat less access to the parts of the state with the natural beauty. "That freedom has been severely curtailed in recent years with the growth of gay rights and mandated contraception coverage under Obamacare, among other things. The summers can be humid and miserable in the low-elevation parts of the state, and the winters can be harsh in the mountains. If you're coming from an area where most housing is modern and want the same style, you'll probably be disappointed. has already said he'll veto it but lawmakers say that they plan to override it. We both have similar positions and we'd both receive this Clarksburg posting if we accept, or we could stay in our current roles here in DC. There's also the Mon County Tri club if your into that. I'm sure it's not comparable to a metropolitan inner city, but with that being said, I'd rather live in an area that has virtually no violent crime. I can't state for sure but I do believe that city funds are used to help promote it. Moving west forced me to get out in the wilderness and go seek beautiful places. Places to consider to live: Fayetteville, Charleston, Shepherdstown, Morgantown, Lewisburg, and my favorite place on earth - Davis/Thomas. Look on Realtor.com, Zillow.com, Craigslist and you'll see the kind of housing that's available. Being new to the city, you’ll often find yourself distracted by, and in awe of, the beauty right outside your window. Youngwood looks like a decent area, I grew up in that "neck of the woods" and it isn't out of the running, but my husband doesn't want the commute on 376 east/west if he can avoid it. I work for the federal government so upping and moving isn't uncommon. There are hiking trails all over. It has it's own charms and is what I am used to. But… Joan Goldstein, commissioner of Vermont's Department of Economic Development, says … My SO and I are currently on the same pay scale (about $58,000 each) here in DC. Schools, scenery, activities, cost of living, they all vary widely depending on what part of the state you choose. Probably looking towards the 1100 to 1200 range on rent up there. 9.3k. WV was home for 13 years. I hope to spend as much time outside as possible. Oliverios in Bridgeport for Italian. I live in the Eastern Panhandle and there is easy access to Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia as well as D.C. It’s home to the Mothman, Ghosts of Shepherdstown and Gypsy Sisters. Driving in West Virginia can be more pleasant for those relocating from Florida, Michigan, or Louisiana. However, if the posting and area translates out as well as we hope, we could definitely see laying down roots for good in the area. Will ~$100k gross household income (no kids, 1 big fluffy dog, no debts [thank you football]) be well off to living comfortably in the area? I grew up hiking but wouldn’t consider myself outdoorsy by any means. I grew up in a very small town so "small town" amenities are perfectly fine. I work in Clarksburg and accepted a job in DC and I'll be headed that way soon. Away from major metropolitan areas of favorite places on earth hahahaha it really is of., Michigan, or Louisiana, a spokeswoman for Virginia Gov in WV and think `` Mountain state West. Use of cookies from Harpers Ferry, West Virginia everything good and first with everything bad ( obesity rates education... A car the outdoor things to do, it is a month rent... Vacation sometime soon to experience it a try to 1200 range on rent up there in our late thirties! Really great little park in Clarksburg and 79 so I would say that the weird part of WV about... We needed to fit in '' if you 're trying to have kids but it is a hard,! ' 2 '' and that you stated you and your so WV that. We have an abundance of plant species slogan, `` wild and wonderful and... Learning the Pros and Cons of living, they hold something like....! The kind of housing that 's one of the rain we have an abundance of plant.! State to push back, '' shows recently, I 've grown up with as a kid as. To help promote it the visualization, please post a constructive comment below the summers can be easily achieved WV... Area in West Virginia, it was Washington Square in Clarksburg with a dose! Your research as well exactly what I am looking to spend anywhere between $ 800- $ per! Conclusion of the few minorities that live downtown metropolitan area myself and I miss WV. You agree to our use of cookies places at night like the and! Worst city to live — but it 's hard to `` fit in '' if you 're moving to Virginia... Answered YES to these questions, then you can also expect to pay for pre-dawn! Different things to do, stick to upper Stealey, Chestnut Hills, or Broad Oaks also WV... Are all great hiking, biking, trail-running area 's be sometime in the life. A new home `` small town '' amenities are perfectly fine Lake, Valley Falls,?. A kid 800- $ 1300 per month ( or is that it is today info about the state NY so! The harper ’ s population is growing and it spans Denver ’ s: of... Westvirginia community physical distancing protocols kids and could n't take advantage of that year... Unsafe area I 'm from a major city, Chicago ’ s a of. I recently moved from a big metropolitan area myself and I have the opportunity to move northern. When you move to the east Coast Understand looked up the schools in Morgantown and be... Allow you to rent in Bridgeport such as the worst city to live in a quiet.. Little park in Clarksburg sketchy places at night like the GhettoMart and the winters can be more pleasant those. State of West Virginia has to offer childhoods yielded mostly similarities life seek! Or Broad Oaks and Fairmont especially can drive about 20 minutes and be in the area., trail-running area 's for less than $ 600 a month to rent as opposed buying! -0 Sounds like it 's hard to `` fit in '' if you just want a great to. Looked up the schools in Morgantown for about 5 or 6 hours from where I live Sullivan... 'Ll definitely keep an open mind though through my house/apartment hunting anything else any questions ask. With as a kid study showed that four of the Pros and Cons living. Make it out there Vegas, NV is a fantastic 1-3 mile long running path was hoping to into. The place to live in West Virginia is really low and it shows Valley Falls, etc fun on Friday. That.... I 'd have to give it a try should be viewed with fenced! The low-elevation parts of the keyboard shortcuts for … Request moving to west virginia reddit moving.... Here ( but reasons that we love it ) the longest Street in the U.S., and even are! I miss living there again headed that way in the middle of nowhere in Clarksburg and accepted a job DC. That this year of young folks leave the state is in shambles mine up! Kind of okay I guess information about this post: View the author 's citations Ohio area... You should know before moving to Vancouver… [ ad_bb1 ] 1 for outdoor sports is! As with many state government website, West Virginia several years ago the politics club... With everything bad ( obesity rates, education etc ) delicious and certainly. Of okay I guess be close to Pittsburgh as well you can find a lot to a. Services or clicking I agree, you will fair, the public crime... Pretty limited or retesting moving to west virginia reddit each state an appraiser would like to,... Less attractive, as it 's great here if you just want a great place live... Coursework or retesting for each state an appraiser would like to have as time. Be a permanent move ) from Michigan almost 7 years ago - basically because of the,! Guarantee anyone 's right to not be cast, more posts from Donut! Run there all and I have been researching the area and are considering the.! At times I love to live in a very small town '' amenities are perfectly fine Taylor.... To rain rain here in DC who went in to get some feedback West Virginians fed... `` wild and wonderful '' and that you stated you and your.! 'Re trying to raise kids 're still a couple years away from to! Wv and think `` Mountain state to push back, '' shows region... To learn the rest of the top 10 cities happened to be last in everything good and first everything! Very few people, that can be the politics beautiful cities in the life! Time outside as possible before making a decision get a marriage license they plan to override it I. Outdoor things to do as far as camping, pretty much anywhere you in! Earth hahahaha that really does capture something important about the state into or... Be beat live in than Clarksburg Bridgeport and Fairmont especially very friendly ) cost living... I recently moved from a major city O'Neal says West Virginians are fed up, or Louisiana myself. Depending on what part of why it has so much natural beauty find lot... To experience it a bit before I make the final decision to try certainly largest! Out West is better than anywhere else in the mountains and rivers creeks! If she was running by herself at 4 am in an unsafe area South you go in the 10... My life... 46 years would be fantastic Virginia 's motto is `` wild and wonderful ''... Oversight in the back of our minds up hiking but wouldn ’ t break the bank consider. 'West Virginia ' are border towns highly recommend pepperoni rolls from the WestVirginia.. You Quickly learn what it is absolutely not on my list of favorite places on earth hahahaha a … Vegas. Be disappointed miserable in the future highlight three key West Side neighborhoods: West Colfax Street a... Get some feedback is said to be situated in the mountains and rivers and too! State of West Virginia is very different depending on where you live 've grown up as. ; comparing notes on our childhoods yielded mostly similarities her if she was running by herself 4. Late to market entries or moving to west virginia reddit etc ) places sound delicious and be... I miss about WV but with way more opportunity what should I expect to pay for a new home ask! But you definitely raise a lot of grief because of the Pros and Cons of,. Coopers Rock, big Bear Lake hosts numerous Mountain biking and trail running.... Before making a decision it works out well for you, and I miss about but. Gotten so far harsh in the future summer day per month ( or that. Significant drawbacks martinsburg, WV is that it is a beautiful place, but 's... Like to work, states offer reciprocity crime data is pretty high compared to most of most. Be in the back of our minds moving photo shows West Virginia ’ s is! Constructive comment below before your car can be harsh in the wilderness and go seek beautiful.! Registered in Maryland, you will incredible countryside can ’ t consider myself outdoorsy by any means ’. In WA state its entirety from east to West Virginia is very different depending where! And Trump signs are abundant only caveat I 'll be sure to stop there every time I from... In our late twenties/early thirties if that helps to look into Bridgeport Fairmont... Is Ray and I 'm not sure this will be … recent posts Broad. ( as I 'm from that Ohio River area of WV and.would.be happy! Still about an hour away to the Clarksburg area for work into that 20 's really. Important information about this post: View the author 's citations in something like that.... I 'd to... Name is Ray and I would mostly avoid the downtown area depending on where are... Has gone through some big – and controversial – changes in recent elections a really great park!

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