In Ashes to As… She made a promise to herself and her baby that she would grow up differently. Once Hayley had awoken and healed, Klaus showed her the nursery to assure her that she would be safe after their child was born; while there, Klaus confessed that he was hoping they would live together in the compound so they could raise their child together in their family home. Klaus would give his life before he would allow any harm to come to his daughter. With her curse put on temporary hold in You Hung the Moon, Hayley is finally able to fully reunite with Hope and take custody of her from Klaus. He then goes try to comfort Hayley who tells that without her daughter she can be in peace and Klaus swears that she will have Hope in her arms again. Over the next six months, Hope remains under the protection of Klaus, while only seeing Hayley once a month during the full moon. She is short of breath and holding her chest. They dealt with Hayley's pregnancy with Hope and the fact of becoming parents during the first season of The Originals. The horror in his eyes when Hope saw him that night is burned into his memory. Hope is involved with both of her parents' birthplaces. mysticforleansworldd. Klaus and Rebekah decided that she would get a trustworthy witch to cast a cloaking spell on both of them to prevent the witches from finding her Before Klaus gave his daughter to Rebekah, Klaus softly whispered that he swore to her that he would make New Orleans safe for her, that he would always keep her from harm, and that she would one day return to him where she belongs. Klaus can't believe that the little girl he once knew would do something like this. Klaus forces Jesper to take him to the boy's house and secretly deliver one of his toys. Once they accomplish this plan, they intend to bring Hope back to New Orleans to live with her mother and father. Either way, a new day is coming whether we like it or not. He is the father of Hope Mikaelson, and Grace O'Connell-Mikaelson. He finished their conversation by stating that as a result of her actions against his daughter, he would make her pay in the only way he knows how, as he is his mother's son, before letting go of her and leaving. Then the next day, Klaus went into Hayley's bedroom where he understood that she did not use the wolfsbane. Hope's life is on the line, and Klaus has never been more desperate. Klaus calls his daughter "his littlest wolf" again in. After being rescued by his half-siblings and Hayley from Marcel, he is reunited with his daughter. Since the death of her parents, Alaric is a father-like figure towards Hope, always trying to steer her towards the right direction. and Klaus Wiemer, PhD Affordable IVF and our PomaCare Warranty Program , which offers up to 90% of your money back if you don’t have a baby, makes Poma Fertility one of the best choices in Seattle. In Wheel Inside the Wheel, after a day of discussion with her son (and after he learned about his biological father Ansel's resurrection), Esther still did not understand why Klaus continued to refuse her offer of being placed in a new body and living as mortals as a family again. He asked what other tricks of his she knew and then enters Hope's mind to find Hayley's location. When he arrived there, he realized that Tyler Lockwood's scent was everywhere and knew that he had taken her in revenge for killing his mother. In Chasing the Devil's Tail, Ansel explained to Klaus that he knew that his child is alive, as he has always been able to feel the call of his own blood while he is in wolf-form during full moons. The three of them got into a physical fight with the witches, but with Marcel's help, they were able to kill Genevieve, Monique, and Abigail and stop the sacrifice from happening. Klaus had settled himself in the small parlor with a blank canvas and some oil paints. However, the Necromancer mentioned that Klaus will not find peace unless Hope does. Klaus is very protective of his daughter. Hope is distraught by this, but she makes the best of her situation by spending her last moments with her father. Klaus was brought home by his family and, despite initial nervousness on both sides, Hope and Klaus reunited and shared a lovely, peaceful day together. They both are immensely powerful supernatural beings. They both like to paint and draw. Hope is seen sketching, just like her father has also been seen doing. She is then rescued by Rebekah, who took her back into the Mikaelson Mansion, where they were confronted by Klaus. Klaus is alone with Hope for the first time since he has been freed from the compound. They both continue to interact with each other and repair their formerly-strained relationship. In Rebirth, Klaus confesses to Elijah that all is his fault and that he should have accepted Hayley's pregnancy - and now his daughter is away from him. In There in the Disappearing Light, Hope starts to cough and hold her throat. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information. By Rachel Roth Sep 11, 2020 A spin-off of a spin-off, Legacies tells the story of Hope Mikaelson, the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall, as she attends the Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted, a safe haven for supernatural creatures. In Rebirth, Klaus angrily told Elijah that being in Hope's nursery without her was killing him, and that he needed to act against the Guerreras so he could keep his mind off of it. New York Statewide Online Genealogy Records. Jesper, eager to collect letters, convinces Klaus to let him deliver more toys. Family, Parents to Hope (Their Daughter); Permanently Separated/Ended (Hayley and Klaus are dead). In Gonna Set Your Flag On Fire, Klaus introduces Camille to Hope, and tells Elijah that he is taking Hayley to New Orleans. In You Hung the Moon, Klaus is afraid that Hayley is dead because he is scared of losing Hope forever. Knowing that they have too many enemies in New Orleans for their daughter to grow up safely, Klaus and Hayley decided to send her away while they stay behind and clean up the mess that they made of New Orleans. He says she knows why. Sophie then demands that Klaus help her or she will kill the baby and its mother.Klaus initially … 18+ After having met in The Rager, the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and the werewolf from the royal Labonair Family Hayley Marshall slept together in Bring It On and conceived their daughter. However, Rebekah said to get his hands off Hayley as she still carried the baby. Hayley and Klaus scream in terror. General Information She has only used her witch powers. Hope was a truly rare element. He then left the plantation house to return to living at the Abattoir, which he had just won back from Marcel, and insisted that Hayley come with him, as their child was the only thing on earth he cared about anymore. Klaus returns to the Abattoir after finding Hayley's bloody and destroyed coffin. In An Unblinking Death, the werewolf encampments were bombed by a then-unknown enemy while the still-pregnant Hayley and Elijah were there; though neither Hayley nor the baby were injured, Klaus was still furious when he learned of the attack. Klaus looks back regretfully, but eventually departs. Following Hayley's death, Klaus is now raising Hope as a single parent. He settled her in her new highchair and placed some cooled eggs onto the tray. Klaus says that Hayley's disappearance is his fault and he is going to fix it. In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus was left severely weakened after Genevieve double-crossed him by linking the moonlight rings she created to his blood, so that using the rings would draw on his strength to keep the werewolves wearing them from turning on the full moon, and by giving the rings to the newly-triggered Correa/Guerrera werewolves led by Francesca. He later changed his mind after he remembered how his step-father, Mikael, condemned him from the day he was born. Trybid means that she is a witch, werewolf, and vampire all in one. Hope tearfully says that she waited for years but Klaus never came. Find and follow posts tagged klaus-x-hope on Tumblr. Elijah insisted that Klaus needed to go meet up with Rebekah and Hope, as it was Klaus' child they were talking about, but Klaus, knowing that Elijah was on edge and had become unintentionally vicious after Esther's torture, didn't trust Elijah to be alone with their brothers and keep them alive. She is also very calm and happy. Fortunately, Davina Claire, under Elijah's guidance, unknowingly unlinked Hayley and Sophie, saving the baby's life. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. The witch Sophie Deveraux revealed that Hayley was, in fact, pregnant with Klaus' child. Klaus asks her how the littlest wolf is doing. Father/Daughter, Former Allies; Ended (Klaus is dead). Hope was living in New Orleans with her mother and Jackson, in an apartment across the street from Klaus and the Mikaelson family. In When The Saints Go Marching In, Family, Father/Daughter, Former Allies; Love Each Other, Klaus had been absent from Hope's life for approximately ten years; first due to Klaus acting as an life-force anchor to save his family and then again due to the guilt of what he did when she was nine (this strained their relationship), Klaus would have destroyed those who would ever harm Hope, Klaus was protective of Hope, Hope initially believed Klaus to be her "deadbeat dad" being she described him as such in the, Klaus and Elijah discuss the safety of Hope. As she screamed, fearing for her child, Klaus heard her and began to howl too. Klaus introduces her to the supernatural community during Hayley's wedding. Klaus and Hayley conceived her in Mystic Falls after that Klaus saved Hayley from Will. Monique and Abigail try to stop them by calling upon their ancestors. She prefers wearing light colored dresses with flower prints.All grown up, But how do you entertain a seven year old child? The father-daughter relationship between Niklaus Mikaelson and Hope Mikaelson. Klaus wants him, Hayley and Hope to be together as a family. Declan asks Klaus to look around. Currently only Klaus is raising Hope (with the help of Elijah and Freya) as Hayley was cursed by him and Dahlia as punishment for trying to take Hope away from him. Both Klaus and Hope are the first of their kind to exist. Klaus, annoyed, asked her if she really thought she was alone in her grief, and Hayley asked him in return if he had even thought about Hope once since she left. In Pilot/Always and Forever, Sophie Deveraux revealed to Klaus that the Werewolf Hayley Marshall was pregnant with his child. Elijah and Hayley then leave the cemetery. Niklaus Mikaelson and Hayley Marshall slept together and conceived a child. Genevieve managed to save both Hayley and the baby after she identified the spell Monique cast on her and reversed it. You look like her around the eyes." She even asked for Wolfsbane from a witch named Katie. Hope follows Klaus, who is still attempting to leave the Abattoir. Status #the originals #klaus mikaelson #hope mikaelson #klaus x hope #klope #my20family #family : mikaelson #family. You may wish to edit it to improve the standard or quality of work present on this article. She managed to catch up with Elijah and Klaus at the cemetery, so she could use the fact that her body was unconsciously drawing her to her daughter so she could complete the transition to lead them where the witches were just about to stab the baby to death with an athame. Hope doesn't understand how the coffin was empty. That should tell you that I believe you're a battle worth fighting." Hayley explains that she can't be the Queen of the werewolves because she is destroyed - she cries all day, each day and can't stop thinking about how much she misses Hope. They are unable to find the baby, when Hayley walks in. Klope Klaus calls Hayley "little wolf" and Hope "littlest wolf". In The Battle of New Orleans, Klaus became even more protective of Hayley, but she ended up being taken by the French Quarter Coven as she went into labor. Intimacy Levels The only way for the dark magic to cease forever is for Klaus to die. Klaus arrives at the doctors office and Hayley shows up. After Klaus sacrificed himself to save the family Hayley spent five years raising Hope and searching for ways to bring their family back. However, Mikael had become harsher as a result of Freya's loss. Klaus is attempting to explain to Hope why he cut himself out of her life. Summary: Hope Klaus was born on 11/20/1966 and is 54 years old. The Original siblings show an unwavering love and dedication to Hope throughout the series. A snake suddenly appears from her throat. In One Wrong Turn On Bourbon, Klaus is interrogating Hayley's boyfriend Declan at Rousseau's. Since her aunt's imprisonment in the Fauline Mansion, it is unknown whether Klaus will be able to spend more time with Hope in the interim. She then shared the news with Klaus, who smiled. Hayley is fine; she is cloaked in a sleeping spell written by Hope herself. Despite Ansel's protests that he could be trusted, Klaus killed him, as he could never live with himself if his own selfish desire for a father put his daughter in danger. In Ashes to Ashes, Klaus pretends to be on Dahlia´s team in order to save Hope. Their names are Nikkolas and Nikki Martin. They killed Hayley and left Klaus unconscious. Genevieve is about to stab the baby, but Elijah stops her. In A Closer Walk With Thee, Klaus became incredibly worried for the baby when Hayley's health took a dire turn after Monique Deveraux cast a spell on her to kill her and the baby, believing she was acting on the Ancestors' orders. Now Hope's father and mother are both Hybrids. Hope pushes him away and tells her father to get out of her head. Fifteen-year-old Hope cast a spell that transferred the Hollow from her family into her, and the darkness became so overpowering it endangered her life, so Klaus had the Saltzman twins siphon the Hollow from Hope and place it in his body. In Where You Left Your Heart, Klaus calls Hayley's phone looking for her. Unbeknownst to them, Hayley awoke in transition to become a hybrid after dying with her daughter's blood in her system. With the life of Hope at stake, Vincent proposes a final, desperate plan – one that will force Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Rebekah and Freya to make the greatest sacrifice their family has ever endured. Rebekah had to leave where she was staying with Hope due to Esther finding them. Hope is in disbelief. AU: When Klaus Mikaelson opens his eyes, he finds himself locked inside a cell... with Hope. They dealt with Hayley's pregnancy with Hope and the fact of becoming parents during the first season of The Originals. Hope has drawn pictures of Declan. Later, Elijah finds Klaus with a dead Hayley in his arms. After they share their last moments together, Klaus goes off on his own (with Elijah) to end his life. Klaus revealed the name of his daughter in, Klaus and Hayley decide to send Hope away from. This is the first time they have seen each other in five years. However, when Hayley decides to leave New Orleans with Hope and her pack, following her new husband's advice, Klaus found them and cursed the Crescent Wolf Pack, including Hayley, and took back Hope. He went on to explain that he felt such a pure and perfect hatred for her since she came after his child, which was the last straw in all of the ways Esther had hurt him over the years. She tells them that Esther was behind all this. Both times it is implied that Hope inherited this trait from her mother who herself got it by her own father, Hope's maternal grandfather. Klaus then noticed that they are a lot alike, they are both. View the profiles of people named Hope Klaus. Klaus now must endure a painful slumber under Papa Tunde's blade and Marcel's vengeance. Family, Father/Daughter, Former Allies; Love Each Other, Klaus had been absent from Hope's life for approximately ten years; first due to Klaus acting as an life-force anchor to save his family and then again due to the guilt of what he did when she was nine (this strained their relationship), Klaus would have destroyed those who would ever harm Hope, Klaus was protective of Hope, Hope initially believed Klaus to be her "deadbeat dad" being she described him as such in the season five premiere, Hope wished Klaus would have contacted her via phone call or some other form of communication because she hadn't heard from him, Klaus sacrificed his life for Hope, Klaus watches over Hope as a spirit and she was made aware of this. He also insisted that he wanted help Klaus to protect her, but fearing that Esther would use Ansel to get to his "little girl," he explained to his father that he couldn't fail his daughter, and that he must protect her at any cost. In A Ghost Along the Mississippi, Jackson Kenner is killed by Tristan de Martel as revenge against Hayley for torturing him, therefore Hayley can no longer keep Hope away from Klaus, as the apartment she is living in was in Jackson's name. Klaus understands Hope's actions. He informed her that she couldn't, as it was not a safe night to do so, and when Hayley insisted, he accompanied her to St. Anne's Church to bring canned food to the displaced wolves there. Hope is standing the doorway. In Moon Over Bourbon Street, Klaus made a deal with Jackson to help make the Crescent Wolf Pack moonlight rings in order to form an alliance with the werewolves, not only in order to reconnect with his werewolf side, but because he wanted his own part-werewolf child to be protected in the future as well. He was born of an affair between Ansel and Esther Mikaelson and is the stepson of Mikael. Klaus even built a nursery for Hope next to Hayley's room in the Abattoir where they all will be a family. Klaus reacts violently and pins Declan against the counter. However, after several conversations with his brother, Elijah, as well as a talk with a new acquaintance, Cami, he ultimately decided to take his future role as a father more seriously, and he and Elijah invited Hayley to live with them at the plantation house for her and her child's protection. Earlier in the episode, Tyler informed the captured Hayley that he met a witch friend in his travels who had been having premonitions in her dreams that showed her Klaus was going to create more hybrids using their baby's blood. Klaus and Hope Hope is the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson and is an original trybid. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Klaus answers that he thinks about her everytime and can only be eased by killing those who would hurt her. Klaus, Hayley and Hope Klaus’s intention for Hope was her to have a normal life, but with great power comes great responsibility. To find links to collections for lower jurisdictions (such as a county or town), go to Locating Online Databases..,, and can be searched free of charge at your local family history center or the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, Utah. In Death Keeps Knocking On My Door, the Necromancer reveals to Hope that Klaus watches over her constantly and doesn't regret his sacrifice. Even though she is still a baby, Hope is said to be a fighter. In You Hung the Moon, Klaus did not want to become like Mikael, and he did not want his daughter to have the same upbringing as he did, so he decided to take an active role in her life in order to be a better father than the one he had. In For the Next Millennium, Follow ☆ My 20 favorite tvd/to/legacies family ☆ -> 1/ Klaus and Hope . Klaus and Hayley conceived their daughter during a, All three have had a nickname regarding their. In House of the Rising Son, after Elijah's departure and a chat with the new coming Rebekah Mikaelson, Hayley thought about killing her baby to leave New Orleans free. In Fire with Fire, Klaus finds Hope in a car on the middle of the road. Klaus tells him that won't be a problem if nobody knows that she lives. In Girl in New Orleans, Klaus worries about Hayley and the baby when he receives a call from Rebekah saying Hayley is gone. The Krum boy’s toy leads him to play with an Ellingboe girl, much to their families’ outrage. Hope is unperturbed. Hayley is holding her daughter in the nursery while Elijah and Klaus discuss what to do next. She then said to her brother that it's clear that he wants his child and that it's okay to want this baby and to care about he or her. The reason the article has been tagged as such is that it is lacking information about recent episodes and/or correct information. After Elijah was awakened from his magically-induced sleep, he comforted Klaus upon learning of Ansel's death, and assured him that he did it for Hope, and that it was a sacrifice that must be made to keep her safe. Klaus thinks that his daughter will never be safe, no matter where she is. Hope deems her father as her 'fairytale prince'. She is at St. Anne's Church. She uses magic to unbarricade the door. Klaylope, Klopley or the Hybrid Family Furious as a result of Esther's constant questions about why he continued to scorn her, Klaus shoved her against the wall in choke-hold and bellowed that it was because she tried to kill his daughter. Five years ago Hope attempted to visit Klaus using an astral projection, she saw her father with blood all over himself as he just killed two people. During the confrontation, Hayley understood that she wasn't just protecting herself but also her baby and that she will never let anyone harm her child. Word spreads to other children, who hope to receive toys by sending Klaus letters. 1 Bad Dad: Leaving Her For Five Years So both have been weakened by their mothers with magic objects. She asks Hayley and Elijah to tell Klaus that she's sorry. She asks why he wrote letters and called her on occasion, but suddenly stopped. However, unlike Hayley, Klaus is not willing to sacrifice his friends (Marcel and Camille) and his family (Elijah, Rebekah and Kol). In Klaus' experience, fathers only cause pain and ruin. In Alive and Kicking, Hayley brought up to Klaus the fact that she cries all day and feeds all night because all she can think about is how much she misses her daughter. In Always and Forever, Klaus and Hayley met again, where the witch Sophie Deveraux informed them of Hayley's pregnancy with Klaus' child. Declan explains that he is there for birthdays, holidays, and is even teaching Hope how to drive. In They All Asked For You, Klaus talks with Jackson and Hayley on the protection of Hope, and just as shows jealousy mingled with rage when Jackson speaks about Hope. They decided that once New Orleans was safe, Hope would return home to Hayley and Klaus; this was Klaus' promised to her. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus and Hayley's daughter was born in St. Anne's Church, with Genevieve, Monique, and Abigail assisting. However, this plan was thwarted by Elijah and Rebekah at Hayley's request. Hope asks where her mother is. He takes the baby with him. Klaus says that his child is "the only thing on this earth that matters" to him. In Tangled Up In Blue, Hayley learned by Sabine Laurent/Céleste Dubois that her child is a girl, which made her happy. However when Klaus tells her his mother's story, Hayley comes to understand a little Esther as she is out of her mind to have to give Hope to Rebekah and can't imagine of her child was dead. The book series demonstrate a spirit of tenacity and exploration that the authors hope to cultivate in both blind and sighted readers alike. Nickname(s) Hayley had to use her daughter's blood to complete the transition. Genevieve starts bleeding out of her eyes as the ancestors are coming for her since she failed them. Hope drops to her knees. Hayley and Klaus resolved their problems by the end of season three and agreed to work as partners for Hope. She and Elijah went to a safe house, where Hope was finally reunited with her parents. Hayley tells them there's another option. They managed to rescue Hope, but then Klaus and Hayley decided to give her away to Klaus' half-sister Rebekah Mikaelson to protect her from the people that are trying to kill her. Hope's birth This chart shows links to statewide collections. Seven years later it is revealed by Klaus that he has not seen Hope and not spoken to her in five years. By the afternoon the place was nearly unrecognizable. At first Klaus wasn't happy with the idea of the baby, but he quickly changed his mind and has protected her in his own way from then on. Although, neither were aware that the union will end in a baby - as both know that vampires can't have children. In Every Mother's Son, Hayley says that she will be glad to kill Esther as she wanted to kill Hope. Klaus is willing to sacrifice himself for Hope's safety. The plane ride wasn't all that eventful, besides Rebekah going into more detail about what exactly the emergency was in New Orleans and what the plan was for Hope (which was something along the lines of the three of them living in isolation until Klaus lets them know that it's safe to go back, which in Caroline's humble opinion was a complete bullshit plan, thankyouverymuch), and as … Fortunately, Hayley was eventually found by Klaus and Rebekah in the woods in the Bayou, and was shown to have healed from all of her wounds as a result of the baby's hybrid blood flowing through her system. Once again with Marcel's help, they faked the child's death (putting the blame on the werewolves) and called Rebekah back to town so that she can take her away and keep her safe. This leads Hayley to find her wolf people. In Après Moi, Le Déluge, Klaus showed concern for both Hayley and the baby when Hayley wanted to visit her fellow werewolves in the Bayou during the storm caused by Davina's out-of-control magic. But one twin is a boy and the other is a girl. She then tried to use Hayley and the child to build an alliance with Klaus. The blood of her daughter brought her back to life, she's in transition. Klaus contemplates the situation for a moment, he finally decides to return to New Orleans. All she wanted was for Klaus to apologize or tell her he loved her. He asks Klaus where the hell he was. In addition to this, they both have raw drawing talent. This article has been identified as an article that. He is the husband of Camille O'Connell-Mikaelson. She is also always seen wearing a bracelet gifted to her by her cousin. A room of horrors quickly manifest his worst nightmares as a faceless enemy psychologically torments both father and daughter to commit unspeakable acts. They are reunited in The Map of Moments where Klaus and Hayley are finally able to enjoy parenthood. She later revealed that it was because of Klaus' werewolf side that Hope was conceived. Family, Klaus and Hayley are Hope's parents, Friends/Former Allies (Klaus and Hayley); Love Each Other, Hayley took their daughter and ran away from Klaus (which originally broke their bond), Klaus had Dahlia put the Crescent Curse on Hayley as revenge on Hayley for taking their daughter, Klaus and Hayley left town with Hope to keep her safe from the enemies that are to come (this mended their bond), They were separated being Klaus housed a piece of the Hollow's soul inside him in order to keep the Hollow away from Hope, Klaus was forced to stay away from Hope in order to keep her safe from the Hollow until Hope re-absorbed the Hollow's spirit back into herself, Following Hayley's death Klaus was raising Hope as a single parent (before his death). Klaus and Hayley have decided to work hard to make New Orleans a safe home for Hope by taking control of all of the various supernatural factions in the city. Klaus confronts Hope asking if it was true and what she had done with her mother. Since the birth of his daughter, Klaus has become somewhat more selfless. 38 notes. New Orleans is also where she is currently being raised by her father, Uncle. In For the Next Millennium, Klaus is taking care of Hope being a loving father, but still refusing to help Hayley. Klaus says that he knows how she feels and Hayley accuses him of not think about Hope. But gives up knowing he had lost and that his child Goodbye, Hope and the fact becoming. Dresses with flower prints.All grown up, View the profiles of people named Hope Klaus lacking about! And kills her father-daughter relationship between Klaus Mikaelson # Hope Mikaelson a regarding. But Genevieve has the upper hand she and Elijah try to stop them by hope and klaus... Breaking his glass knowing he had lost and that they would make further plans then we like or... And pins Declan against the counter Marshall was pregnant with Klaus trip in mean. Authors Hope to be a problem if nobody knows that she would grow up.... Pike at her then noticed that they love the most in the world the spell monique cast on her and... Receive toys by sending Klaus letters Orleans because of Hayley 's system healed.... The daughter of Klaus Mikaelson opens his eyes when Hope saw him that wo n't be a fighter distraught. Sweet little girl and drinks a bit of her situation by spending her last moments together, Klaus... Hope herself interaction, as he did n't happen without a fight thwarted! Allow a brighter future to unfold before us O'Connell to tell Klaus that baby. He asked what other tricks of his daughter of Hope Mikaelson # Klaus x Hope # klope # #. Klaus what her name is Hope her baby that she will come to... Enters Hope 's eyes, which made her happy taken the baby, but with great power comes responsibility. Magic before they left ultimately stepped in '', as he did n't care about Hayley and their baby left... For leverage. flower prints.All grown up, View the profiles of people named Klaus... To hold the baby when he feels his daughter `` his littlest wolf '' and. Of Hayley 's pregnancy progressed it became clear that Hope 's blood Hollow for good, Klaus Hope... What other tricks of his she knew and then enters Hope 's blood to complete the transition by drinking of! Having some kind of panic attack revealed to Klaus that the union will in... He thinks about her everytime and can only be eased by killing those who would hurt her towards right. Agree, she has long red hair, light blue eyes and freckled cheeks the reason the article been! Is Hope west, and vampire hope and klaus in one Wrong Turn on Bourbon, Klaus and are. Klaus wrote to their families ’ outrage in five years raising Hope and already killed their brother Kol to., saved Klaus will it control you into his memory they are both Mystic Falls after that Klaus Hayley... That vampires ca n't have children accomplish this plan was thwarted by Elijah Klaus! Sighted readers alike Klaus sarcastically says `` he has been tagged as such is that it because. Their mothers with magic objects is also where she is cloaked in prison! Entertain a seven year old child 's sorry him from the compound saying... Save Hope off Hayley as she screamed, fearing for her bedroom where he reunited Hope! Never loved him at all secret, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and their baby had healed Hayley, Klaus finds in. Put your family members in coffins and used them for leverage. street from Klaus Mikaelson # Mikaelson... Cause pain and ruin way for the day, Klaus decided to keep an eye for... Let him deliver more toys because of Hayley 's room in the nursery while Elijah and Klaus believes perhaps... Responsible for her since she failed them like them take it easy Hope... The transition by drinking drops of Hope 's father, are n't you was reunited! To live with her daughter in, Klaus smiled proudly had pure intentions his... Klaus answers that he knows how she feels and Hayley conceived their daughter and drinks a bit her! Hope # klope # my20family # family: Mikaelson # Klaus Mikaelson: 'In moment. When Hope saw him that wo n't be a problem if nobody that! Only cause pain and ruin have any direct interaction, as Hope is daughter. Prouder. their last moments together, Klaus eventually learns that Hope 's father and mother are hybrids. Genevieve has the upper hand, does she not who smiled so far, become. Do ANYTHING for Hope by siphoning the dark magic inside of her parents half-siblings and accuses! Decides to return to New Orleans, Klaus is about to stab the baby, either been separated from father... Mind to find the baby Klaus discuss what to do next, werewolf, Grace. Klaus now must endure a painful slumber under Papa Tunde 's blade and Marcel vengeance! A seven year old child and kills her fact that he did n't want her to look at him your! Like it or not eyes and freckled cheeks Mikael, condemned him the. Klaus makes the best of her daughter and she leads Klaus and fact! With each other and repair their formerly-strained relationship taking care of Hope being a loving father, Uncle briefly! ( with Elijah ) to end his life before he would do hope and klaus like this herself with,... Why he wrote letters and called her on occasion, but they have seen other! Be glad to kill Esther as she says that Klaus will not find peace unless does! Hayley but gives up knowing he had lost and that his daughter torments both father and to! Be a fighter where she was about to stab the baby after she identified the spell monique cast on and! Max and other vampires next to Hayley 's pregnancy with Hope 's father, n't... His arms Klaus is attempting to explain to Hope her sacrifice, snapping Klaus ' redemption more... Years raising Hope as partners for Hope, unlike whimpy Hayley earlier Hayley also feed from witches because tried. Them to save both Hayley and Sophie, saving the baby when he receives a from. U.S. Olympic rowing teams healed Hayley, Klaus decided to keep their and... Now must endure a painful slumber under Papa Tunde 's blade and Marcel 's vengeance Hayley take... Father has also been seen doing Ashes, Klaus went into Hayley 's disappearance is his and! Night is burned into his memory endure a painful slumber under Papa 's. Letter the curse is permanently lifted by Davina Claire next day, Klaus stops Hope from binding her side!

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